18 October 2016

Fall Has Arrived

Fall has arrived at the farm. The light has changed outside and you can feel the days have shortened. Whereas we had daylight until 9:30pm this summer, it is now dark by 6:30pm. And wet. Very wet.

The cows are in the cow barn full-time because their hooves would tear up the fields when it is this wet and they also would eat the grass down to the roots and then some. I cannot decide if the farmer is right and cows are truly less smart than horses (although I think the farmer has decided both animals are pretty dumb at the best of times). All I know is that the nose of a cow is feeling unto itself and their eyes are incredibly soulful. The cows do have a yard to go out into for fresh air so their entire existence is not inside the barn during our winter months.

The farmer is putting things away for the winter and making sure the tractors are clean and tucked away in the horse barn to stay dry and protected for the winter months. The orchard is still dropping apples and some pears but the birds are now welcome to take what they want, we have made all the cider we plan to and have enough apples left to cut up and dehydrate.

A big coastal storm arrived last weekend so the deck furniture was being loaded into the attic of the work barn for the winter. Bird feeders are allowed to stay up, but the hanging baskets were taken down and stored in the laundry shed where the dogs have their beds, pillows, blankets and toys since this is where they stay during the day when not outside. We are fortunate to have a mountain range between us and the coast which tempers the worst of storms but the rainfall was 4-5 inches according to the weather forecasters. But then it is Fall after all.

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